St Margaret's is a family-friendly Anglican church in Frizinghall, between Shipley and Bradford City Centre, and in the Bradford area of the Diocese of Leeds.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are continuing to worship, learn and serve God together, online using YouTube and Zoom, and face-to-face where this can be done safely (update 21/3/21: limited face-to-face services will resume from Palm Sunday, with our main service still online). See our Covid-19 page for details of our services. Another main activity for all of us, long-standing Christians and those exploring and questioning faith in Jesus, is our "Easter Matters" course.

At St. Margaret's we worship God, our Father, who is

  • a loving God who cares,
  • a holy God who forgives,
  • a living God of power.
We know that God's own Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross so that we - and you - can receive the gift of eternal life and know the power of his Holy Spirit transforming our lives day by day.

Jesus is interested in our lives and cares about what happens to us - have you ever considered Jesus Christ as the way to a new life?

Will you come and worship God with us and find new life in Jesus?