Church Activities

"Faith Matters"

A chance for us to explore (or re-explore) the foundations of Christians' faith in Jesus, and what it means to follow him. See our Faith Matters page for more details.

The activities listed below are currently suspended during the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, as far as physical meeting-up is concerned. But please do contact us about the ongoing youth group activities which take place online.

Youth Group

Youth group is currently meeting online during the pandemic, on Wednesdays evenings for games/social and on Sunday mornings (during church coffee) for a brief time of prayer and Bible discussion. Contact us for further details.
Meeting Sunday's 6pm - 7.30pm during Term Time at St. Margaret's church. We also join with other Church youth groups once a month, called 'U:nite' for special events, such as film nights, games, weekends away and Soul Survivor.
If you would like more information about our Youth Group or would like to join. Please contact us using the following details:

P.A.T.Ch (Play At The Church)

Play At the Church began in 1996 and continues to be a good meeting place for parents, carers and pre-school children and babies.
Sessions are Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, including a variety of activities, toys, singing and refreshments.
Throughout the year there are outings and meals for the adults to get together, plus a sponsored “Toddle” to raise money for Barnardos!
Free of charge, but voluntary donations are much appreciated.
Sessions are Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

Home Groups - Why do we meet in small groups?

We all need encouragement. And we’re all learners in following Christ, trying to understand his ways, and trying to make our lives and hearts more like his.

In small groups, we can form deeper friendships and help each other along better.
  • Monday. 7.30-9.30pm. Meets fortnightly at Rhys & Steph North’s or Mike Allcock’s. Friendly, supportive group, meeting for fellowship, bible study and prayer.
    Contact: Rhys or Steph North.
  • Tuesday. 6-7pm. Meets weekly, usually at church. Men’s Discipleship Group.
    Meets for open Bible discussion, prayer, and encouraging each other.
    Contact: Olau Thomassen.
  • Wednesday. 7-8.30pm. Meets weekly at Ann Ward’s home. Friendly home group for fellowship, encouragement & Bible study. Mostly at the older end of the spectrum!
    Contact: Brian Adams.
  • Wednesday. 7.45-9.30pm. Meets fortnightly at Jamie Dow’s home. “Apollos” Sticky Group
    Meets for encouragement, Bible study, prayer and helping each other to serve.
    Contact: Jamie Dow
  • Thursday. 8-9.45pm. Meets fortnightly in homes (various!). Women’s / Mums’ group for Bible study, discipleship and prayer support.
    Contact: Kim Thomassen
There are one or two other groups of people that meet to encourage and support one another as Christian disciples at other times, but these are the regular groups.
“Sticky Groups” - we sometimes call these ‘sticky groups’, because in them we try to stick close to God, stick close to one another, and to draw in outsiders. Any other questions? Contact: Jamie Dow (Leadership Team - discipleship)

Home work club

Meeting 5.45 – 6.30pm every Thursday during Term Time in the church hall. Suitable for Years 4 to 6 children. Refreshments are provided. Free of charge.