About Us

Who are we? And where are we going? 

Our Mission is.... 

To live out and give out the good news of Jesus Christ!

Who we are & What we’re about 

We are a group of people who: 

  • Love God: We love God because He loved us first, and we’re on a journey of faith together. 
  • Love each other: We’re a welcoming family of Jesus followers, who value relationships and belonging. 
  • Love our communities: We believe Jesus makes a difference in people’s lives, and we want our communities to flourish as God intends. 

Vision: What does the St. Margaret’s of the future look like?  

We will be a group of people who will:

  • Love God: We’ll be a community where people love God above all else and help each other grow to become more like Jesus. We’ll meet with God, talk about God, explore faith issues, pray together, and spur one another on in faith.
  • Love each other: We’ll be a church that continually welcomes new people into the church family and where each of us experiences deep care for their needs. We’ll live life together to the full.
  • Love our communities: We’ll be a body that equips every member to live out and give out the good news of Jesus to the people we spend time with during the week, as well as the people we meet at outreach activities. 

 Our priorities: 

  1. Improving our care for one another, by deepening our relationships with each other through time together. 
  2. Making our worship and teaching more focused on strengthening and equipping us for our lives and relationships midweek. 
  3. Providing opportunities for those who are new to faith or exploring faith to discover more of the good news of Jesus Christ. 
  4. Focusing our parish-based outreach on getting to know people (prioritising outreach activities that strengthen relationships and work on the basis of depth of relationships). We as a church are passionate to do as much as we can to meet the needs of our parish. We want to open up our building as a community resource that offers hope, practical support, somewhere warm, meets the needs of all ages and ethnicities and works with multiple partners to help our community thrive and flourish.
  5. Becoming a prayerful church, seeking God together for the life and growth of our church, knowing that it is in Him and through Him that change comes.
The church is clear that in order to enable these priorities to be taken forward, addressing the warmth of the building is an important further priority. This is being addressed in the proposals for upgrading the heating system to enable the building to provide a warm welcome.

Contact us:

email:  hello@smcf-church.org.uk
phone:  07514 765244

The church building is on Shipley Fields Road, Frizinghall, Bradford. BD18 2DH